Cultural Threads: Expressing Identity Through Traditional Clothing

Expressing Identity Through Traditional Clothing, is a traveling exhibit sponsored by Mosaic of North Central Wisconsin. The exhibit places a focus on traditional dress representing some of the many different cultures found in North Central Wisconsin. Every culture has its own traditional clothing with meaning specific to that culture which helps pass along traditions, history, and values to future generations. Each outfit was created by a Textile Artist from that culture, with significant knowledge of that culture, or with the help of someone from that culture.

This display will be open for T1W 2024 attendees to visit throughout the conference.

About Mosaic

Mosaic Of North Central Wisconsin

Mosaic is a hub for community inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and belonging (IDEA+B) efforts in order to reduce redundancy and increase participation outreach led by other organizations. Mosaic builds connections and networks to engage businesses, individuals, organizations, and the public throughout Marathon County and surrounding communities. All individuals in North Central Wisconsin, regardless of differences, should feel that they belong and are supported, welcomed, and included as members of our communities.

Cultural Threads Exhibit