About Us

Wherever you are on your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) journey, there’s something for you at Toward One Wisconsin.  Whether you’re just starting out and overwhelmed, or you’re a leading activist in your community, this conference will provide best practices, insights and implementation tools to help you take the next steps. Across all sectors of business and life in Wisconsin, parallel efforts are underway to prioritize DEI. We may be in different places based on the diversity of our experiences, but we’re all traveling the same journey: Toward One Wisconsin.


We expect a diverse attendance including but not limited to representatives from birth-K-12, higher education, academia, business and industry, state and local workforce development, youth programs, health professions, vocational rehabilitation, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, government, community and neighborhood associations, and faith-based groups.

Conference Tracks

T1W features four conference tracks where attendees will discover collaborative and innovative approaches, best practices, cutting edge research, and/or success stories that addresses job entry, creating united communities that welcome all residents, embracing a healthy climate for youth in our schools and neighborhoods, and promoting health equity initiatives across Wisconsin. The tracks include:

Track I: Increasing Opportunities for Inclusion in Wisconsin’s Workforce

Track II: Creating Inclusive Communities

Track III: Cultivating Equity in Education

Track IV: Building Health Equity in Wisconsin

Conference Goals

1. Address how to include marginalized people who have experience the impact of COVID19 and distrust

2. Bridge the gaps to unite our communities

3. Show case the Eau Claire community: Eau Claire Way, Eau Claire Rises, One Eau Claire

4. Demonstrate how community partnerships and collaboration between private and public sectors work

5. Encourage attendees to be change agents in their communities

6. Influence the state to move forward


  • Build greater awareness on the intersection between inclusion and economic, social, and emotional health of communities, workforce, youth, and under-served populations in Wisconsin.
  • Produce a comprehensive strategic report with performance measures and actionable recommendations around each Track for state and local governments, businesses, communities, educational institutions, health systems, and non-profit organizations. Continue the discussion around making our communities more inclusive.
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Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service