Toward One Wisconsin 2025

Interested in hosting the 2025 Toward One Wisconsin Conference

The Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service is accepting proposals from communities to host the spring 2025 conference. Please respond to the below questions and return to Sharon Hunter at [email protected]. Proposals will be accepted until July 1, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon at 715-600-1136 or email [email protected].

Photo from T1W 2023 in Appleton Wisconsin

Section I: Community Criteria

1. Tell us your story in 500 words or less. Include how you believe the conference would benefit local and regional communities, organizations, and individuals.

2. What specific initiatives are occurring in your area that would complement the conference goals and themes?

3. Please list the name and address of one (or more) venues where the conference could be held, and which meet(s) all the criteria in Section II below. Is there anything else related to the potential conference venue that is important to know?

4. List area organizations that would be involved in helping with the conference planning. (Please include at least two letters of support from the provided list)

5. The T1W conference requires a minimum of $90,000 each year in sponsorships. Are there organizations in your community that would offer this level of support? Please list potential regional and local sponsors and partners that you believe would contribute financially or in-kind to the event. Please provide at least two letters of support indicating a financial commitment.

Section II: Conference Facility Criteria

Can the facilities in your community accommodate the following criteria?

1. Ability to accommodate up to 750 people.

2. Handicap accessibility (facility & rooms).

3. Ease in locating and accessing the site/facility.

4. Hotel accommodations for up to 120 rooms.

5. Parking availability at site/facility and ease of access.

6. Free Wi-Fi.

7. Large exhibit area for up to 40 vendors.

8. Large general ballroom to accommodate 400-600 people.

9. At least 12 breakout session rooms.

Section III: Contact Information

Toward One Wisconsin Promo Videos

Need More Information? Check out the Towards One Wisconsin Promotional Videos Below!