T1W 2022 Superior Call for Proposals Closed

Breakout sessions will be announced soon.

What criteria will be used to select proposals?
Proposals should be timely, carefully considered and prepared, interactive, and provide resources, takeaways, and action points. Reviewers will consider the following criteria when evaluating proposals:

  • Relevance: The proposed session should address the conference theme.
  • Approach: The following should be clear: the session description and objectives; how the session adds value to the conference and serves attendees; who the target audience is; and what takeaways participants can expect.
  • Creativity and innovation: The session should bring to bear a new lens or perspective on its topic by presenting original research, applying personal or theoretical knowledge, and/or demonstrating new models or evidence-based practices.
  • Impact: The session should lend itself to professional or personal application. It should be designed to encourage attendees to contemplate follow-up, continued exploration, and action planning on various levels.

If you have any questions about the proposal submission process, please contact Emily Groves at [email protected] or call 715 394 8166.

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