Apply to present a digital or poster display

Poster display example.Submission Requirements: Applications will be accepted until 30 digital and/or poster display applications are accepted for each day of the conference. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Poster or Digital Display Opportunity: At the Toward One Wisconsin conference there will be an opportunity for conference attendees to display and present a digital display or poster during specific times at the conference. Poster displays can:

  • Offer the opportunity to engage with other conference attendees interested in the same subject and application as yourself.
  • Provide an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone about your poster that may lead to future collaboration.
  • Actively engage you with others in one-on-one conversations in a way that networking alone does not, since by its very nature the poster defines the topic of conversation.
  • Provoke an insightful, impartial discussion of your work by a peer that can often provide ideas for improving your work downstream.

Digital or Poster Display Purpose: The digital or poster display should be about a collaborative and innovative project, a best practice, cutting edge research, and/or success stories that relate to the following Tracks:

  • Track I: Increasing Opportunities for Inclusion in Wisconsin’s Workforce
  • Track II: Creating Inclusive Communities in Wisconsin
  • Track III: Cultivating Equity in Education
  • Track IV: Building Health Equity in Wisconsin

Details: The poster display will occur during four different 30 minute break times on Thursday and Friday, November 12-13, 2020. It will be necessary to staff the digital or poster display during these break times so attendees can meet you, learn about your project and ask questions. An easel or table will be provided to attendees at no cost.  All presenters will be required to attend the conference and pay the presenter conference registration fee of $100. Your name, organization, display title, and description will be listed in the conference program. The poster size should be no larger than 3 x 4 feet.

For more specific details please click on:

  1. Printed posters should be portrait (vertical) orientation or landscape (horizontal) orientation with maximum dimensions of 36 inches x 48 inches. (The most common orientation in the U.S. is horizontal.)  For suggestions on electronic file size conversion, paper types and printing, visit:

  2. You are responsible for printing and transporting your poster to the conference and setting it up in the designated area. There are no printing facilities onsite. 

  3. Posters will be displayed on easels, which means that posters will have to be affixed to a hard-backed surface that can sit upon an easel.  Presenters may supply their own “hard back” and affix their posters themselves OR the conference organizers will supply a 36 inch x 48 inch hard back and adhesive to attach your posters. 

  4. Your poster will receive an assigned number, also indicated in the program. An easel with a corresponding number will be provided in a designated space. Assignments will be made in mid-March. Put your poster up only in your assigned space and easel. 

  5. For some poster tips, tutorials, samples and templates, visit these sites:

  1. You are responsible for removing your poster from the exhibit space as assigned. T1W and the hotel is not responsible for posters remaining in the exhibit space once the conference concludes.

  1. Electronic poster presentations are to be uploaded as a PDF file to the Whova App prior to the conference. The final deadline for uploading digital conference posters is November 2, 2020.

  2. Instructions to upload the PDF digital poster presentation to the Whova App will be provided when you are notified your display has been accepted. 

  3. The electronic presentation will be available on Whova for viewing one week before the conference, during the two day conference, and up to 60 days after the conference via the Whova App 

  4. During your designated digital poster viewing session, you will be assigned a  small table to place a laptop or other electronic device/monitor. You must bring your own laptop or other device and ensure it functions properly.  The conference will NOT have extra electronic devices available.

  5. There will be a charge for electricity if needed.  

  6. Your table will receive an assigned number, also indicated in the program.

  7. You are welcome to bring and distribute presentation handouts at your table

  8. All personal items must be removed by end by 4:00 PM on the day you are assigned to display your digital presentation. 

Questions about these requirements should be directed to or or by calling 715-261-6104.

Registration Requirements: Please click on the Digital or Poster Display Application to apply to display. Displays will be selected based on their relevance to the conference theme. The following information will be required when you register:

  • Title: The title is important to help promote your work. The title should make conference attendees want to come and visit your display. The title should be short and comprehensive to a broad audience. The title is your equivalent of a newspaper headline—short, sharp, and compelling.
  • Description: The description will describe the nature and intent of the work being presented.  Some questions you might ask when preparing your display could include: What do you want the person passing by to experience? Engage in a discussion about the content? Learn enough to try to implement your project at their organization? Want to collaborate? The description must be 150 words or less.

Contact Information: Your contact information so details about the display can be emailed to you and your name can be listed in the conference program.

Questions: If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sharon Hunter, Conference coordinator, at 715 261 6104 or

Click here to submit a display application