About the Inclusivity Conference

The 2020 Toward One Wisconsin Conference will bring together citizens and organizations from multiple sectors across Wisconsin to build communities of equity and opportunity.


We expect a diverse attendance including but not limited to representatives from birth-K-12, higher education, academia, business and industry, state and local workforce development, youth programs, health professions, vocational rehabilitation, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, government, community and neighborhood associations, and faith-based groups.




There will be four conference tracks where attendees will discover collaborative and innovative approaches, best practices, cutting edge research, and/or success stories that addresses job entry, creating united communities that welcome all residents, embracing a healthy climate for youth in our schools and neighborhoods, and promoting health equity initiatives across Wisconsin. The tracks include: Track I: Increasing Opportunities for Inclusion in Wisconsin’s Workforce; Track II: Creating Inclusive Communities; Track III: Cultivating Equity in Education; and Track IV: Building Health Equity in Wisconsin.


  • Continue the discussion around making our communities more inclusive
  • Learn what is working
  • Discover what is promising on the horizon
  • Present best practices
  • Provide networking opportunities



  • Build greater awareness on the intersection between inclusion and economic, social and emotional health of communities, workforce, youth, and under-served populations in Wisconsin.
  • Produce a comprehensive strategic report with performance measures and actionable recommendations around each Track for state and local governments, businesses, communities, educational institutions, health systems, and non-profit organizations.